Favourite Photos of 2009

I uploaded 782 photographs to flickr during 2009!

I keep this gallery for people to appreciate my artwork, for me to evaluate my skills, improve wherever possible, and for both the world and I to display upon blogs, articles, news-reports and many other locations. I can guarantee you that I shot probably 100x as many!

Here are my five favourite shots for each month throughout 2009

January 2009

White Red White Red

History on North Terrace Austral Tavern, Rundle Street Exeter Hotel, Rundle Street Paws for Reflection

February 2009

Going Nuclear Sand-Shark at Emu Bay Beach Kingscote Kids

March 2009

DeadReds Organiser & Friend

Cages on Ferris Wheel In Depth Echidnea Port River Panorama 3

April 2009


John Ayliffe Enhanced Graffiti Lion Head

May 2009

Pink Swirl

Yellow Bananas Girl in the Mirror Wrecked Pelican'd

June 2009

Flying over the Hilton

Leucadendron Stelligerum Mclaren Vale, Chenin Blanc, 2002 Adelaide Future Protea in Bloom

July 2009

Farm Fridge

Tunnel Lake View 03 Under the Jetty (Kingscote, KI) Hill Growth

August 2009

Warrawong Restaurant DIning

Kangaroo Nose Kangaroo and Vegetables White as Hades Brown Kangaroo

September 2009

All Along The Jetty

Transcend Crocodile Sleeping Eeeeeeeel!! Evolve

October 2009

Vegemite on Toast

Your Sister's Ugly Dress Macro Spider M'eye World Zombie Walk, Adelaide Oct 2009

November 2009

Blue Porsche, in Classic Adelaide

Jacaranda Church It's a Jungle Out There Replacement to the RAA building .

December 2009

Oakbank Hills Panorama

Pond Leaf Mommy Long Legs Agapanthi Purplious Oakbank Trees

Hope you enjoyed this selection of my collection!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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