Six Jobs To Do Before 25 Years Old

Just for something completely different to what I normally talk about, here are six jobs that everyone should try at least once before they are twenty-five years old:

1. Builders labourer.

This is sold work that will put muscles on your body and brain. The industry is getting smarter as young people realise that plumbers, electricians, carpenters and brick-layers are needed everywhere.

2. Retail sales.

And for a boss who insists you wear a uniform. This will teach you discipline, conformity (and a firm rejection of it), selling to everyone, rejection (and how to deal with it). These skills will get you through every other job you have.

3. Office work.

In this environment you will discover how groups of humans interact. The cartoons of Scott Adams (Dilbert) are a good grounding, but don’t let that scare you off!! It’s not until you’ve been ridiculed by management, judged by one incident alone for the remainder of your working career, incorrectly branded and pigeon-holed, and forced to wear pizza-ties for 8 hours a day that you realise that the world is not going to hand you the perfect job.

Let the experience of admin-work teach you about non-existent interpersonal communication, non-management, water-cooler gossip, computer training by osmosis or Chinese-whispers and best of all: How many coffees you will need per day to cope yet still pay off the mortgage, credit-cards, bus-tickets, petrol, and other abnormal living expenses.

3. Train driver.
This is the only job where you will lead a group of people forward. Cherish this job for as long as possible. Then get out to re-educate your brain. Sitting at the helm all day is both brain and bum numbing. Which eventually become one and the same if you keep the job too long!

4. Government office work..

This is most similar to normal office work – except that there is nothing normal about it.

5. Council work.. Wait, no, they don’t work.

Well, not enough that anyone would notice when they are. Unless leaning on shovels, drinking FUIC milk and wearing florescent jackets suddenly makes them important enough to warrant a pay packet.

Yet this is a great job from which to observe road users (including pedestrians , pedal-pushers and pissed of drivers who wish you hadn’t dug up the road). The average person is riddled with so many odd features – and this job will enable you to set-up situations that invite humans to bring these survival traits into the open in a wild attempt to navigate the obstacles you’ve unwittingly created at every turn.

6. Bar Waiter

For no other reason than to get free booze every night of the week. Like office workers enjoy an endless supply of blue pens, you’ll enjoy the bottomless bottle of blue CURACO.

What? You want a better reason? OK, the tips are good if you are prepared to sell your sole. Yes, this job will help define how loose, tight and subjective your morals are in the bar.

What other occupations do you think the youth of today should try at least once?

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  1. let’s see, before turning 25 i was a paper boy, a pizza boy, a trolly boy, i worked in sales, telemarketing and retail, i enjoyed working in retail the most, i think i just like the hussle and bussle and helping people, although it wasn’t always great, if i had to do it again i probably wouldn’t mind at all


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