Let’s Get the Business Started!

Some days I forget the to keep on the path of my journey. But which one, you may ask, for I have so many business and potential projects in stages of startup … and very few of them have gone beyond paper.

Xmas Presents 2007

I don’t deny that I am an ideas man, a. conceptualiser and somewhat of a dreamer. I like this about me : I don’t let a pesky little thing like ‘reality‘ get in the way of ‘possibility’.

(I’m transgressing from the original point of this article, but I figure since I am on a roll, why stop now?)

What I do know is that I enjoy thinking about new and interesting ways to utilise my photography, graphic design and people skills to build new business ventures that require little or no start-up costs.

I have enough camera equipment available (though I would love a few more!) to shoot the imagery, edit the results, create the space to photograph almost any-sized-thing and the mindset to learn, evolve and become better in my choice of field.

(Wait, this is sounding much like a Resume! There is good reason for this, stay on the journey with me!)

Don't Lose Your Lunch

So now let me get back on track, as was the original point of this article.

This morning whilst waiting for the train (that takes me on my daily journey into the Adelaide CBD to earn the money to have this great life) a series of simple yet important facts struck me between the eyes:

1. If I want to do professional product photography, I need to start doing it myself. I need to set up my studio accordingly and begin my own stock-photography series. I have all the props available – so this is possible!
(The original thought in my head was far simpler, I’ve expanded to force the idea into myself)
* This step is the same for all areas of photography I want to delve into, from portrait through to corporate architecture.

2. I need to be more serious about my business ideas. Writing SWOT analysis reports on their viability and potential is part of the journey, being an important step to putting them into action. But without gettin bogged down in the little details – they will happen as the project takes fruition.
* This step could be published as articles that can be edited and added as mor information comes to hand.

Now, now I must get this party started!

Oakbank Hills Panorama III

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