Cold Calling for Opportunity

This morning I did something unusual yet opportunistic : I asked a stunningly beautiful woman to let me photograph her. Well, that is not the correct story, so let me explain further…

Six of Seven

After departing the train this morning, I visited my usual coffee-shop (just up the ramp between the North Terrace Train Station and up to the street-level of North Terrace, Adelaide CBD). Thankfully it was open, because today I really needed a strong coffee to get me started.

Standing at the café, I observed the form of a female standing ahead of me (whom I now believe catches the same train each morning), and then her beautiful smile as she chatted with the few other people also getting the morning caffeine fix.

Like most women, a smile is all it takes to catch a man’s breathe. Being a photographer, I spot many women each day who have the poise, posture and perfect-smile for portrait-photography.

But most of the time the opportunity to photograph random people is limited. Simply photographing people without asking is definitely not my style. Admittedly, I have taken a few street-shots of people, yet most of the time I avoid faces.

Without being dared by boys pushing me in the school yard, but before she walked away, I caught this lovely lady’s eye. I’d heard her talking about the tasty cake that another person was enjoying, so I felt I had a segway to talk to her. Maybe. Anything would have done at that stage.

Her coffee was put before her, and as she turned to walk away… “Excuse me for asking, but… [gave her my business card] … would you be available to be photographed?” I’d run through a few different things to say, but this is the first thing that came out of my mouth. Oh well, run with it, now to see how it works out for me…

She was stunned, but ever so polite. And that beautiful smile was displayed yet again!

“Thank you so much! What style of photography do you shoot?” This question stumped me for a second, yet I remember rambling on about abstract and landscape photography. We talked for a few seconds about my artwork. I don’t remember much. I’m fairly sure the only thing going through my mind was Oh my, I actually asked! And now she is talking to me“.

As she stood there looking at my card, the last thing I said was “Please call me. Next year!” This got a laugh from both of us. It’s now I realise that next week is still this year and next year is the FOLLOWING week. Make sense? Good.

It’s now I have thought about this (which is never a good thing) that it has occurred to me that this lovely young lady may be anybody. Maybe already a model. Possibly a hair-dresser or beautician. Or a lawyer in casual clothes. Or a nurse, a sole proprietor of a small business starting up, or better yet, a radio-personality.

At least one thing is proven: Cold calling isn’t dead, it’s just something not everyone is comfortable with doing. Today I proved I have no problem talking with other humans, particularly potential portrait photographs. Let’s hope I get a phone call next year.

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