Panoramas from 2007

These are two panorama’s of photographs I photographed way back in January 2007.

But at that time I had no knowledge of decent software that could correctly stitch them together. Recently a good friend introduced me to Autopano Pro, the best and easiest program for creating Panorama’s.
So this is the first time these photographs have been stitched together and uploaded:

Victoria Park, Adelaide

Victoria Park, Adelaide

I had expected them to connect together, but the stitchware program told me otherwise. No matter, they still work as individual panoramas.

Here is another panorama that is a do-over of an image I uploaded about 2 years ago. First let me show you the original panorama of Victoria Square in the Adelaide CBD from the South-East corner:

Adelaide City in Panorama

As you can see, I simply cut and connected them with IRFANVIEW to get the pano’. Not good enough anymore, so below is the amended version that Autopano Pro created.

Re-Panorama of Adelaide CBD

Autopano is a program worth getting. I highly recommend it for photographers who want to stitch their panoramas successfully.

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