The Post Before my #SocADL Report

Yeah, I was there, I went to the #SocADL meeting at the Tivoli two nights back.

I was that guy who said few things about the un-delightful joys of club-involvement and that #SocADL should stay an informal group, tied together by our online interactivity. We don’t need regulations, acts, procedures, govt bodies telling us we need outdoor insurance and so forth. We’re Aussies: Our handshake is our word, and our spit is the bind that ensures we follow through. Right? Right? Yes, I am gabbling a bit here.

Anyhow, I wrote a tonne of notes (on my Apple Touch, both before, during and after) which I promised to transcribe to a full article to publish here. But it’s still in progress. And it won’t be what people expect. I’m quite the ‘voyeur’ when in public. I usually don’t like crowds (don’t ask, even I don’t really know why!), so I slide into the wallpaper and watch people and their interactivity. It’s often fun, particularly to add possible dialogue. Yeah, I am weird like that. So much of my article is about me sitting near a door waiting for an excuse to RUN! But I was stopped by the wonderful @CharlieRobinson whom I have met at several Plurk/FB meetings and spotted in Rundle Mall last weekend from 100metres away. (Yes, she has a smile that could stop Ghandi!) So I willingly met a lot of interesting Adelaide people, plus photographed #LeeHopkins, … heck, I’ll list them all tomorrow night with links, faces and everything!

Anyhow, as that article is in-complete: I am showing you a photograph of a Bird of Paradise in our front yard. As I’ve said in the description box on Flickr:

The secret to ensuring a ‘bird of paradise’ survives is to treat it harshly. This has never been watered, other than by mother nature, yet it survives and flowers every year.

Paradise in our front yard

FYI: It was a beautiful sunny morning when I photographed this beautiful orange flower (though it went gloomy and grey later in the day), yet I had to use the flash. It’s not a good idea to twist the head of a Bird o’Paradise. It has the same effect as twisting the head of a bird. Or so I am told. That article for #SocADL, tomorrow night, promise…

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  1. if someone went to #socadl, chances are, they have a blog, i suppose everyone who went could write about what they think in their blog and then a compilation of those blogs would act as a guide for where #socadl is heading, that’s what i think anyways :)


  2. Stephen, I’m a bit like you I suspect – the wallflower – at first anyway. I would like to get along to one of these one day but nights after work is quite hard because of having to do the kid thing. Perhaps a weekend one is in order another time? Not sure about the spit binding bit though – I like to mostly keep my spit to myself…. Look forward to reading your wrap-up.


  3. Prakky, I’m very glad to have met you, if only briefly, last week! Glad you like my writing style. I have now written the review/report. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and laughter!


  4. DJAdelaide , that is a great point! With all the different blogs outling the experience, points of view and expectations – we could form a fuller picture of where members see the direction and purpose of group. (I have this sudden urge to yell “BLINGO!”)


  5. Jen, A weekend BBQ is a great idea. I know other people with 10 yo kids, so younger kids would cared and catered for. (I’ll leave that idea in Lee Hopkin’s hands.) I do look forward to meeting with you at our next meetup.


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