Get Connected through your Bookmarks

Connecting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter plus many other SocNet’s is all the rage these days.

But there are many other interesting ways to connect with people who hold mutual interests. is my favourite way to see what people are reading. This book-marking site allows connection between people who want to cross-reference their bookmarks.

Doors to Somewhere

I’m only connected with a few people, but that is the way I like it – mainly because my main subjects are limited to

photography and cameras, web design and css, tutorials, design, web tools, reference material and things I want to purchase, and the many things on my wish list!’.

My tags are then bundled up into distinct categories:

Communication, Design&Development, Marketing and Multimedia‘.

Yes, I like my bookmarks to be organised, non-cluttered and easy to re-navigate back toward so I may read, re-read, print and fully comprehend. It’s ideal for learning!

Using this service, I connect with a few select people whom also have their bookmarks tags and categorised into sections that are similar to my own, and/or add some contrast. Having new and interesting subjects to read from is a great way to increase your general knowledge, and this in turn leads you to many more interesting people around the WWW from whom we can learn and improve.

Who have you connected with today?

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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