One Full Monday

After a loooong day at work, I settled into the evening not knowing what would come of it.

I had a few things planned, but most were undoable (terrible word, yet apt) due to this cold that has grabbed me quite by surprise. So I sat the computer avoiding all that aggravated my headache and insistently running-nose. Here is what filled my Monday evening.

1. I’m now listed upon “Freelancer Unplugged, a site I found quite by chance.
Not sure what will come of this, yet it looks like a great site to get involved upon. This makes two more wordpress journals that I either collaborate upon with other artists!

2. I’ve created my own Business page for ezCREATE Photography, my main business, hobby and passion. This is something I have created once before upon Facebook, but until tonight didn’t see the full potential.
Again, not sure what will come of this … and yet it looks like a great way to get/give free promotion to my available-to-purchase-online photography. Take a look, I promise you will find art you’ll love!

3. I’ve discovered groups on ImageKind, particularly one that caters for Artists who are upon or have moved across from Redbubble.
Whilst I don’t plan to leave Redbubble any time soon, I do understand that we all make changes in our life that lead us in different directions. I’ve learnt recently that diversity is a good thing, so I am enjoying putting my work onto ImageKind where the presentation and purchase of artwork is as simple as Redbubble presents.

Not a lot really, yet I’m happy with where the evening took me. Met some interesting online people from around the world, linked to a few of them and checked out a LOT of photography. Whilst I had hoped to build some graphics and do some job-hunting, all-in-all, not a bad night.

Talking photography, I am loving these blue sky days in Adelaide – they make the best backgrounds for any type of photograph. Plus the light totally saturates a scene. So now I am looking forward to this coming weekend. Here’s hoping the blue sky’s continue throughout this week.

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