Creating New Graphics and Galleries

After ten years online, I now have my photography and graphics available to view and purchase at FIVE different online locations, and each under a different pseudonym:

Tonight I discovered and started adding the best of my redbubble artwork onto ImageKind. I am going to use this to display my work that I have most-enjoyed photographing and capturing. I hope you also enjoy what I have to offer.

I’ve attempted to match the prices of Redbubble, at least with the cards. Their pricing system is far different. What I like most is that they have a upload program similar to flickr that enables artist to upload as many as 100 images at a time!

So now my opportunities for sales have exploded!

On ImageKind

On a related note, I have had to create my own button/icon for ImageKind. No where upon google.images could I find an existing button, icon, graphic nor logo of a sufficient size to manipulate for my use. So I built my own. Here is the simple method to do this. FYI: I don’t recommend this to anyone, this is a temporary fix whilst I design and build a better option.

The biggest image available upon their website is the default background image for image-galleries for artists. Five seconds in GIMP and I had it converted from a GIF to a PNG. Why … because I had to retain the colours, or it would convert to monochrome!

Then I over-saturated the current colour. This made it a burnt orange, designed to stand out in the crowd. I cannot say I like the orange splatter as a logo, but it does stand out in the crowd. Maybe they should run a competition to design a better option!

From there I increased the image from 60pixels up to 400pixels. Very carefully I lassoo’d the edges of the ‘splatter’, then sharpened the border. This made some really weird things happen that I was not happy with at all, so I created a background box with curved corners. Yes, somewhat cliche’d and overused, but a quick fix for now!

My head is swimming with new ideas that I plan to work on over the next few nights. Until then, this simple logo will suffice. Please don’t judge my skills by this one logo, it is a temporary measure until I build something new.

Tomorrow I’ll pencil new ideas together and tomorrow night I’ll begin building.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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