One Step to Improve Your Health

I fail to understand some humans: For some strange reason many feel a need to inhale nicotine-laced fumes through cylindrical paper.

Yeah, I have mentioned this before, yet it continues to be a subject that intrigues me.

Whilst I have managed to get myself quite sick through no fault of my own, smokers continue to smoke despite telling me they feel ill, nauseous and unable to cope. I see them smoke and cough almost immediately. I even know smokers whose children never fully recover from being ill with coughs and sneezes all year long.

There is some irony in that, but more than anything, an inability from seemingly intelligent humans to see where their problems originate. Am I the only sane human?

Tell me if you are an ‘ardent anti-smoker‘ who, like me, has no problem with making it perfectly clear that “SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH“.

Special Seating for Smokers

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