Short Walk in the Forest

Last weekend I went for a walk to the bottom of the valley. I didn’t have any agenda, nor any destination, but I did want some exercise and a day to simply freshen up my mind and spirit.

Well, I succeeded. I am so glad I live a beautiful part of the world. Here are half a dozen shots of the landscape, valley and hills, plus a series of panoramas of the hillside around the railway lines.

Gully Kids Down Creek Hill Growth Down Stream Soursop Valley Cross Over

Plus some flowers. Well one rose and some flowering weeds.

Amaranthus cruentus Red Release Amaranthus cruentus in Focus

And then this dog appeared from a property that borders the bushland, plus the iron wheels on the chassis right at the bottom of the valley. I suspect it has been there a very long time.

Grrrrr Grrrrr Woof! Found at the Bottom of the Valley Spotted!

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