Design Is…

These are STILL the most popular images upon my Flickr Gallery!

This all started in September 2006 when I made half-a-dozen images with IRFANVIEW. Now I make new graphics for the DESIGNIS meme when a little bored. Plus it helps show far my graphic-editing/creation skills have progressed.

Views: 400 and growing fast!
Design Is Remembering to Pack Underwear

Views: 357 and growing slowly
Design Is Not Being Afraid to Stand Out in the Jungle

And here are the older ones that have been upon my gallery for almost three years!

Views: 4,143
Design is Avoiding Tunnel Vision

Views: 9,609
Is This What Design Is?

Views: 7,191
Design is Not Caring What Others Think About Your Art

Views: 11,582
Design is Not Ripped Paper and Chunky Fonts

Views: 6,201
Design is More Than Just the Internet

Views: 3,448
Design is Jumping on the MEME BandWagon

Views: 4,043
Design Is...

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