Free Speech

Free speech is NOT the freedom to say whatever you want, feel or believe. Particularly believe.

Free speech is the freedom to express an opinion and/or oppose a view without fear of repercussion from your employer nor government – regardless of your gender, skin-colour or nationality.

More Hazardous than Helpful

This freedom does not say you cannot be arrested for taking that freedom beyond the reasonable expectation of a civil, law-abiding, self-respecting person.

This freedom does not allow you to paint your opinion in large letters upon man-made structures in a public place. If you feel strongly about something enough to take that course of action, write it on your own house. But be aware of your neighbors rights.

This freedom does not mean your religion is the only option, nor does it allow you to use your religion to insult those that don’t follow your choice of god. By doing so, you become judgmental. Think about that and what your god would have you do if you were the person on either side of that equation.

This freedom is not a right, it’s a privilege of a civilised society. Unfortunately, not all society’s are so forgiving. There are countries ruled by dictators, military people and persons whose self-imposed importance has driven them to insanity.

Free speech gives you and I the right to put our thoughts on the internet. Respect the fact that you have the ability to be free with your speech on a forum that has an audience that extends around the planet, and suddenly you might be a little more quiet.

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