Shooting Macro Flowers in February

We have a dozen interesting lens to shoot with, but the one I enjoy most is my Canon 60mm Macro. My wife has the Canon 100mm Macro. Both are amazing lens and shoot different levels of intricacy. But it’s always what the artist can find that makes the difference.

Whilst some might say the 100mm is more advantageous, I prefer the 60mm. Why? Because it can be put to a variety of uses: I regularly use it for Portrait photography, but most often use it for Still-Life photography. This is because it creates amazing DOF and Bokeh effects whereby the background is blown away.

During our early 2009 holiday to Kangaroo Island, my wife and I went for a ‘macro shoot‘ through a few streets in Kingscote. This is where we walk down streets photographing flowers, insects and other interesting discoveries along the way.

Whilst I used the time to enjoy a walk with my lovely wife, she was actually heading for a particular house that had lots of bees on the front garden, thus we separated for a while, but ended up shooting a few of the same flowers!

Most of the roses we both found are at the Kingscote Hospice where they have a lovely rose garden in the front yards.

Laminated Print: Pink Borne … Laminated Print: Pink Borne

Mounted Print: Self Inviting … Mounted Print: Self Inviting

Framed Print: Yellow Lips … Framed Print: Yellow Lips

Canvas Print: Goldilocks … Canvas Print: Goldilocks

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