Switching Windows

Anyone who says “I am Converting from IBM-compatible to Apple Macintosh™ is an idiot. But it’s not usually said so specifically: I have heard someone say “I’m converting from Windows™ to Apple Mac™“, and they actually were only referring to their dislike of visual appearance of the browser-windows on their monitor. Whilst the terminology is not incorrect, it always makes me smile.

When I open applications or browsers on either an IBM-compatible or Apple Mac™ computer environment, I see everything as a window. I have given them that term because they ALL are windows to a new location in the world or on our computer.
A browser window enables us to see the rest of the world, whereas an application window enables us to manipulate data on our computer in such a way as to either edit a photograph, write code that makes more windows (ie, combination of CSS & HTML or PHP & MySQL, etc).

Why do I say you are an idiot? If you are flicking the OFF switch on one operating system because you prefer the browser on the other, you aren’t seeing the full picture. Particularly if you are a developer of software, Microsoft™ browsers, or window-skins for only one of them. Rather than favoring one or the other, learn to ply your trade in all available. Being multi-skilled online means comprehending how to view the whole world through various programs and browsers that are compatible in all available operating systems, particularly and even Linux.

Me, I love both Apple and IBM-compatible environments. Yeah, the close button on applications is switched from right to left; That’s a small price to pay for the benefit of either. (Yes, there are a multitude of other differences, but that’s the main one that most know about!)

That’s enough for now, I’ll expand on this as I think about it more. I welcome your views on any part of this article.

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