Through Rain, Heat & Doubt

Looks like my trusty mobile , the Nokia 3210 , is on its last legs: This morning a message of failing memory displayed across its little window.

Boiling Water

With a hint of a sigh, the little device said “Get lost! Do I look ready to think about your problems? Your contact list? Take a freaking number … Oh no you won’t fat boy!

OK, yes, the language was not so strong. But he fell back into sleep-mode before I could strangle it to death. I want my mobile to feel the pain! Maybe the electrical pulse will be transferred back up the line to the bastards who call me on a regular basis, asking when will I upgrade.

Do you get those phone-calls? My provider wants my money so badly, they’re prepared to sell me lines about better payment plans and devices with extra features.

But I have no REAL need for the Internet nor a camera on my mobile phone. Does anybody remember the bricks of the 1880’s, oops, I mean 1980’s ? And the first flip phones of the 1990’s that we thought were uber-cool?

Star Trek Communicators

And now it’s the Naughty’s. Having a mobile phone has gone way past being a symbol of having the wealth of a Colombian warlord … It’s now the most common accessory, in both a man or woman’s tote-bag.

I only have this hand-held device to give me instant communicative glee when transport is required or needs repair.

No amount of download/upload will sell me on the idea of owning an Apple iPhone. Yes, I’ve said I’d live to HAVE one, but only on this condition: FREE to own & capped at $10 per month.

Why such a restricted plan?
Because I actually wouldn’t make as many phone calls as others do. On my current phone I make about 10 calls a month, and I keep them as short as possible.

No, I’d be using it for easy access to social networking sites that have limited imagery (thereby reducing downloads), and to read RSS feeds to my bloglines.

Do What with your Phone?

On that note, I am reminded of an amusing situation where one of my work colleagues has an iPhone.

No matter how much I tell them about the amazing features, the available addons & how much free wifi is available in Adelaide – they use the iPhone for just one thing: Making phone calls. I say it’s sad (and somewhat ironic), but would I be any different?

And I know of someone else with the Apple Touch, but they won’t install the updates: Thus not getting the new & true Shuffle of their Music, nor the changes to their contact list.

See, I find this amazingly strange.

Not Just a Phone Anymore!

My Apple Touch holds not only my entire music collection, it also has my redbubble photographs and I can save any image emailed to me. But that is just the beginning.

It can play movies (albeit limited, not SWF’s) , allows me to edit and view a calender, to keep a comprehensive contact list, able to send & receive instant email when wifi is available, view stock value on any around the world, to see the weather around the world, use Google maps to find myself in the world, and a calculator with large buttons.

On a recent train-ride I was able to show a new friend all 500 photographs currently online – which resulted in selling one of them!

I’m interested to know how many other Apple Touch or iPhone users are using their new toy as the ultimate business card.

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  1. Are there lots of places in Adelaide that have free WiFi? When I was there in March, I only found free WiFi at the State Library and Rundle Mall shopping centre.



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