Meet & Greet

Your mission , should you wish to accept, is relatively simple. Yet we have devised 3 stages to allow the shy to also participate.


Stage 1. Smile at someone new today.

Maybe just nod.

Men, tip your hat. Ladies, your smile will be enough for any man!

Stage 2. Say Hello, loud & proud, so as to incite a similar response.

Don’t expect too much, settle for what ever the other person can afford. This is a sensitive option as it invites people to open their mouth, eyes, mind & hearts.

So a mouthed hello is enough.

Stage 3. Introduce yourself.

Ask open-ended questions ( – not Yes/No), thereby getting to know more about someone you’ve not met before.

And report back here when you’ve completed this mission. There’s no time frame & no head-count per day.

Your only reward is the happiness of a smile, the chance to meet somebody new & the opportunity to make a difference.

I believe that world peace begins at home. By teaching our children to respect, tolerate $ communicate with people, we ensure the diplomats of tomorrow enter the real world with some understanding of the conditions & differences of everyone.

When you smile, you invite happiness & breed self-worth. No person ever felt despair from a smile.

When you say hello, you give affirmation & appreciation of a persons value. This one experience is enough to improve or destroy the moral of a person – so imagine what it could do for a country or our entire planet?

When you invite someone to speak – either about themselves or their knowledge – you give them strength, hope, power to survive & self-worth. When we dismiss a man’s word, we drive his moral to ground and kill his inner spirit. This is what kills millions of people each year, the loss of inner-spirit. Loss of teen spirit. Loss of innovation, enthusiasm, initiative and a reason for life. Do you want to be responsible for doing that to your fellow man?

Go on, say hello to someone new today. Let’s change the world together.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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