A Massive Increase in Traffic

Half as ManyOver the passed few days I’ve had a massive increase in readership. Wait, I take that back: I’ve merely had a massive increase in traffic.

Have I got a cult following?

Probably not. But it is interesting to see what interests people to read within my journal.

Should I pander my posts toward the subjects these articles are about?

If I was aiming to make a profit from this site, yeah, probably, I would indeed. But I won’t.

I write about what interests me, and occasionally that’s about stuff that’s bothering me, but mostly it’s a long-winded response that started out as a comment on another blog/journal/diary.

If that also interests you, please leave a comment, critique or compliment. You’re welcome!

Top Posts

As it turns out, offering alternatives to the Canon Hand strap was my biggest winner. Yeah, I’m a photography nerd and proud of it!

Most Active

But it’s these articles that people are coming back to see. Staggering. Feel free to comment on them to tell me why you like these subjects.

Better still, somewhere someone (or something) has an interest in these articles. The traffic shown on these articles is just from the 16th August 2008.

Search Words

But wait, that’s not all. These are the words searched upon (again, upon the 16th August 2008 alone) to find my journal/blog/diary.

  • something to stop boredom – 2
  • biggest camera lens – 2
  • largest camera lens ever – 2
  • biggest camera lense – 2
  • stephentrepreneur apple touch – 1
  • who said, ” if we did all the things tha – 1
  • ideas to stop boredom – 1
  • twenty five words – 1
  • business card background – 1
  • background+business – 1
  • prouncing – 1
  • stephentrepreneur boring job – 1
  • canon handstrap manual – 1
  • mal langsdon photographer – 1
  • youtube musik techno – 1
  • to bring out the best in you – 1
  • business card backgrounds – 1
  • 2008 bubblers – 1
  • increasing web presence – 1
  • sculptures in adelaide – 1
  • “who is your mentor” – 1
  • wordpress random flickr – 1
  • how to put on a canon hand strap – 1
  • adelaide wifi – 1
If my site was listed on the stock exchange, I'd say it was a good bet.
If my site was listed on the stock exchange, I’d say it was a good bet.

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