Yoga Diet

Found on a Yoga-Clothing company website:

Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.

I’ve discovered this is definitely true. And so good I put it on a photograph, displayed on my Redbubble profile!

The more I like what I am becoming, the more my outlook on life (generally) improves. It’s a simple equation, one that any of us can work out the math!

When we surround ourselves with people, things (material or monetary) and memories that make us feel better, we become better. I notice this on a daily basis. Therefore I am adding the following statement to my outlook on life:

I always remove myself from all the negativity within my office, my home, my immediate space. This reinforces and strengthens my positive-vibe, bringing out the best in me. I’m able to generate clear and concise thoughts, which invigorate my learning and consequent writing – which means I put all my focus on my photography. Family and friends benefit from this mindset also: My mannerisms are polite, my smile is genuine (but when isn’t it?!), my support and care is increased, and my interaction and communication with them displays my positive outlook on life.

Hey, not bad for five minutes writing! OK, so it sounds a little Tom Hopkins, but it is a valid statement. We all need statements and visions. This not a target to aim for, but a changing of the here and now.

Turns out Yoga really is a positive and mind-changing aerobic stimulant.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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