Upgrade your Photography Equipment

Below is a video produced by Don Glae that helps explain how to utilise your camera and lighting equipment to produce better macro photography.

What I like is that he explains how to better-use a flash-gun in conjunction with a LumiQuest SoftBox II. I recently acquired this amazing attachment after a photo-shoot in Melbourne with gorgeous models. Most of my shots were lit either by the available light (industrial lighting) or by the light of my flash-gun.

Who knew that Youtube could be so educational?

Whilst it worked wonderfully, I watched another photographer obtain some amazing shots with a similar diffuser attached to his flash-gun. And now that I have discovered the LumiQuest range of products — I’ll be buying more!

Anyhow watch the video, listen carefully, take notes, it’s worth the wait!

Other sites of interest regarding softbox’s and diffusers:

From my flickr gallery, here are a pair of chocolate high heels. Lit up with a LumiQuest SoftBox II. After watching the video above, I am getting the cable connector (as seen in the video above) ASAP!

Chocolate High Heels

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