Proof that a LITTLE Smile Makes BIGGER Things Happen

I smiled at the girl behind the counter, and asked the price. She didn’t know. She asked the other lovely young lady. She didn’t known either. I said, don’t worry, next time. She smiled back, apologised. I sat down to read the “The Australian (IT)“.

A few minutes later my Chocolate Smoothie, being carried by the shop owner. With a bigger smile, he handed it over, and said “I’m the new owner. I’ve seen you drink here regularly. Are you liking the customer service?

Love it. Small question: I see you’ve added bread rolls to the counter extras. How much for the London Bun?

He smiled, winked, and walked back to the counter. I had this funny feeling what was about to happen, but decided not to push my luck. He said goodbye and thank you to a few other customers as he walked back to me. I smiled again, with a knowing look.

You’re a regular, so for you, today, it’s my treat.

Ok, I’ll come back now!” I laughed quite loudly, as did he, and walked off. Again he thanked me for my patronage.

Next time I’m going with a bigger smile. I now have a plan of action. Expect to see one of my photographs on the wall of this coffee-house within the next few weeks. That’ll shock a few people!

But wait, there’s more to this story…

I walked with my Chocolate Smoothie and London bun toward the elevators of my building, looking downward thinking of my plan, and smiling like a hedgehog on acid. I reached the elevators as it filled up to its sixteen-people capacity. Thank the lord of hedgehogs, another door slid open. I quickly jumped in, alongside a guy in pin-stripe suit and one arm loaded with paperwork.

Always go for the empty lift!“, I smiled and said.

Ab … so … lute … ly!

Pause. Proof that yes/no questions are conversation killers.

So, how’s your day going?” Small talk while the elevator raised itself one floor at a time.

Actually, shit, but thanks for asking. What about yours?” He didn’t use these exact words, but he almost did!

It’s another day. It’s a day-job. It’s not my whole world, just eight hours I have to spend making the money to make the other sixteen so much more fun, interesting, amazing, and keeps me insane!

And with that, my floor meets the door, and the foyer is revealed.

Oh, well, have a good one anyway.

Haha, thanks, it’s better now!” And I walked off, still smiling. I bet he was also.

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