Making Personal Marketing Work

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My wife and I had a quick discussion about advertising and the way I spend a lot of time advertising myself.

You see, I am my product.
My camera is held with my hands, and all my images are my own work. I pride myself on my ability, experience and knowledge, and particularly on my continual learning of new computer and camera skills. Generally, I have no problem learning new computer programs, specifically multimedia and windows-based programs.

So I say “Personal marketing is not a sin, it’s a must.” I take every opportunity to shamelessly advertise myself. Well, there is a limit … but I haven’t been there yet!

Let me put it this way:

If you had a retail-store or an exhibition of your product, would you turn everything to the wall and wait for the customer to ask to take a look?

Heck no! You’d be proudly displaying your wares, and taking every opportunity to tell any who walks passed what the product does, will do, and what advantage they will have when they purchase it.

So when I wear a t-shirt that reads “PHOTOGRAPHER. FIND ME. ON GOOGLE, FLICKR and REDBUBBLE“, you know I’m wearing it with pride, for personal promotion and to sell my goods.

Is your self-promotion working?

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