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Latest news about U2 in Australia:

I sent this email to Rove earlier this evening. If you want to see the full U2 in Brisbane interview on ROVE in the next weeks, leave a comment or send an email to ROVE. (DISCLAIMER: They say not to send segment or program ideas. I must apologize for not noticing this before I sent this email.)

Hello Rove,
I am a 38yo male who has watched your television show since the beginning, and I hold no shame in saying a tear rolled down my face when I heard that Belinda had passed away and you had lost your best friend, confidanté and shoulder to lean on – as you were also to her.
Your television program is the most entertaining program on of the week and – our home stops to watch your antics and interviews! Your interviewer style is second to none, asking questions that are not asked by anyone, neither locally and the US.
When you interviewed U2 before the Brisbane concert last week during your show, your style certainly helped the Dublin-boys reveal more than they would have with any other interviewer! But it was apparent that there was much more than the few minutes we saw…
So my suggestion is that Roving Enterprises presents the interviews with celebrities, rock bands and other national and international artists who have had the good fortune to be interviewed by you.
As U2 are touring Australia right now, I know I speak for thousands of Australian U2 Fanatics who would love for you to present the FULL interview you had last week before the Brisbane concert.
Again, my condolences to your respective families for the unfortunate loss at this time – and that you not forget the people out here who cannot wait till you return to our televisions!
Stephen, Adelaide, Australia

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