Keeping Your Socks Organised

If you are anything like me (and gawd forbid you are!), you’ll like your socks folded in half, not inside each other. You like your socks to be paired up with its twin, not dark brown with black. You like your socks all lined up from thickest to thinnest in your top drawer, easy to grab when dressing each morning for work.


So you really hate when you pull your heel through the bottom of a sock you received as a Christmas gift a year ago. You’d have thrown them out a long time ago, but haven’t the nerve: They were given by that person who sleeps beside you at night.

Now there is an answer to most of side-drawer problems.

No longer will your socks sleep alone. No longer will a dark-brown calf-high sock pretend to be a brother to a knee-high black sock. No longer will you suspect your socks are being spirited away by bored teenage aliens. No longer will you have to worry about who presented which sock to you:

Because now you can purchase your feet-warmers from Mr Sock. No, this is not a hand-puppet your six-year old son made – it’s an online franchise for socks alone.

Yes, there is a god and he knows what is most important. Socks. Grab ‘em today!

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