Eating and Enjoying Healthy Fruit Smoothies

It has been a very busy first-month of 2021! To earn a few dollars I wash windows around Kangaroo Island – and I haven’t stopped since the year began! Some locations require a 30-45 minute drive – because some clients reside in remote locations around Kangaroo Island.

You Saw My First Healthy Smoothie?

I now enjoy producing breakfasts that are quick and easy to prepare, and quick to consume – because too often I wake late and have to leave in a hurry!

After finally receiving my smoothie-recipe book , and buying a you-beaut-and-slighty-expensive blender, I now regularly produce and enjoy delicious fruit and/or milk smoothies for breakfast. Sometimes even for lunch.

But Wait, There’s More?

Thankfully I made time to upload my many interesting concoctions with elaborate recipes to my Instagram. I do this to remember which ones I liked more!

I must mention that whilst I am not loosing weight fast, I do feel a lot better. Reducing the amount of fried food, hamburgers, pizza and fizzy drink from my diet has been the best thing I ever did. Admittedly I still have a slight paunch. But I feel, think, react, and am better for it.

Let’s See the Results!

Not sorry to say: I haven’t been following the books recipes. I’ve been making them up based on available fruits and health-food aisles alternatives at my local supermarket. That has helped, plus opened my eyes to new foods.

Show Me The Smoothies!

I am sure you will enjoy:

EDITED: As WordPress no longer enables Instagram to be displayed, here is a list of my Instagram fruit-smoothie posts:

And January 2021 isn’t Over Yet!

I may try a few vegetable combinations next month. Many of the book recipes don’t interest me at all, but I will find a way to enjoy them! Look out for them on my Instagram feed .

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