My 24+ Most Favorite Life Quotes

These are my 24 favorite quotes. Seriously. Some apply to my life, helping me to stay strong, live smart and be happy. A few apply to my children’s lives so they may live, learn and do better in all that they do.
And a few I created for display on merchandise so that others may also enjoy the words I use often:

1. Listen, Learn, Do.

One of my own, regularly recited to my two young sons to learn about how life works. Listen to what’s said to you, learn from it, then do it.

2. Do The Right Things, Get the Nice Things; Do the Wrong Things, Get NOTHING!
Another quote by me, and also regularly recited to my children.

3. Always deliver more than expected – Larry Page

4. Stay self-funded as long as possible – Garrett Camp

5. Don’t try to be original, just try to be good – Paul Rand

6. Do NOT take life so seriously – it is NOT permanent

7. Not Everything has to be Talked about

8. Ask More, Assume Less

I have said this to a few people in my life. Finally I had to make it into a tshirt.

9. If you think you are always right, your just proved yourself wrong

10. Learn to Dream Big

11. The whole world is in your hands

12. You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit


14. I didn’t come this far to only come this far

15. Remember why you woke up today

16. Today I will make things happen

17. Dream big, Work Hard

18. Life is about evolving. What will you be tomorrow?

19. Be Happy, Stay Strong, Live Smart

This is my quote, adapted and a combination of others. I say it regularly on Instagram, amongst my YouTube videos, and is soon to be printed on the reverse of my personal&business card.

20. Less Talk, More Art

21. Stop Wishing , Start Doing.

22. Stay Brave – Life is a Worthy Challenge

23. Good things take time, patience, effort and brains.

I made this up, but it’s actually a compilation of various quotes.

24. Make SMart Choices in your Life

This is definitely not my quote. BUT it is a part of my life. My first business was “SMart paper” – because I made art paper and my initials are S M. So I love this quote.

And when I need an extra boost, I refer to my list of quotes.

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