Kingscote vs Adelaide

After 32 years living in multiple suburbs of Adelaide, the last 18 in the Adelaide hills, 19 years working in the CBD, we moved into Kingscote on Kangaroo Island in late 2016.

All effort has been put in to rebuild my wife’s honey business, plus get my artwork in display and window-washing businesses on-track. Life is slowly improving.

Yet I miss Adelaide. Here are all the things I actually miss (in no particular order):

  • Family
  • Cinema
  • Friends
  • UnEarthed Wine Nights
  • Photography Walks in CBD with only 2-hours notice
  • Gouger Street
  • Rundle Street
  • Architecture
  • Trains
  • 10 Pin Bowling
  • Indoor Kiddie Playgrounds

There’s more I am sure. Just saying.

This post is a hint to my family and friends. My 50th Birthday is in early 2019. Subtle as a sledgehammer.

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