We Walked his Ender Dragon to the Farmers Market for Lunch!

Our 7yo son Jai wanted to take his imaginary Ender Dragon for a walk. I saw no harm. We took him to the Kingscote Farmers Market, held at the Bay of Shoals Vineyards. Jai had a blast. Fairly sure the Ender Dragon had fun too!

This will become a regular vlog style now that our boys can go places walking beside me. So expect more vlogs showing off our new life on Kangaroo Island.

Big News:

  1. We are moving house within the next few months. Just waiting on a few details.
  2. I have a new vlog camera arriving soon. Master 7 may have it attached his hat during our walks.
  3. I have heaps of new videos coming up in the next 6 months – watch our for me wearing more tshirts than my last attempt!

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