Updated Movie Editing Skills!

Back in 2017 (close to when we first moved to Kangaroo Island) I heard through the local grapevine there was going to be fireworks on this particular night.

I got my gear together, I ran to the oval, and captured it all, edited that night, and had it online before anyone could ask “Was that fireworks?” Here it is. Watch it, then scroll down a bit for the upgraded version.

Today I checked out that footage and said “I can do better, I have improved since then.” Below is the new version.

So what is different? The program I now use to compile all the footage/images together is better, which also helps compress the final video to reduce kilobyte size whilst not loosing resolution value. Let me explain.

Way back then I was using the Microsoft Movie Maker program. Ugh. Urgh. Blurgh.
Now I use Movavi, just the basic version without too many updates (which, get this, would cost me to add!). So I have been able to add an intro, outro, a few extra sounds, and blend them into each other far better.

Additionally I have been able to compress my videos from 2.3GB to about 600MB without loosing any resolution by doing this AFTER all footage compiled: (See screen-dump below with red arrow)

Yes, YouTube then modify it again during the upload, yet the results are worth it.

That’s it, it’s simple. If you like the videos I am creating/producing – please hit the subscribe, like, and notifications button. Whilst I do this for fun, I’d like to know you are enjoying what I do!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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