What are the Benefits of Living on Kangaroo Island?

This is just one part of a vlog I have had in creation for a few months now. It’s at least a month from completion.

What are the Benefits of Living on Kangaroo Island?

At the beginning of my December 17th 2017 radio show on 5KIxFM9.07 in Kingscote, Kangaroo Island I asked on our Facebook page – “Hit the THUMBS UP on this message if you are listener!”

According to the Facebook statistics apparently a lot of people saw my advert – but rarely does anyone admit to listening. Sad, yet true. Either I don’t have enough listeners – or I have too many lurkers who really don’t like hitting the THUMBS UP button!

So that night, in an effort to see who might be listening – I asked on air “Give me the best reasons to live on Kangaroo Island.”

None of you had any suggestions. That was a tad unusual. Thankfully I had written a few of my own.

Thanks to Facebook, most of the island is connected thanks to the multitude of available activities that exist as Facebook groups. Plenty of them also have real-world groups enabling like-minded people to actually connect.

Additionally, making new friends is easier in a small town because of family connections, friendly shop staff and generally nice people.

Getting anywhere by feet or bike is easy when there are few hills to slow me down. I am able to walk to both my voluntary and paid employment, making life incredibly easy!

There is so much to see and shoot here on Kangaroo Island. As outlined earlier, there are so many amazing off-the-track, coastal and hillside locations, loaded with many types of animals to capture close-up – echidna, goanna, dolphin, seal, whale, blue-wren and much more.

The weather is near perfect in spring/summer with the occasional down-pour – but the skies are mostly blue, the sun is bright, and the beaches are perfect.

Around Christmas the weather is very tropical, but skin is still easily burned in the summer heat – Remember to slip-slop-slap!

Particularly EMU BAY BEACH. This is a beach you can drive your car down onto, then go for about 2 miles without seeing a single other person. You can park a car perpendicular to the shore, and dive into that refreshing water on a summer’s day and enjoy shallow water for about 200feet out.

Nice. Lie back on your blow-up, pull your wicker-hat over your eyes and think about all those poor sods in their office cubicle back in Adelaide. Bahahaha! I don’t miss it.

Every food-outlet, take-away and grocery is within walking distance from my home. From chocolate to coffee, groceries to pizza, souvenirs to lottery tickets, it’s really not that far to walk.

OK, not everyone WANTS to walk that far, but you can. Seriously. I can walk from the life of Kingscote to the cemetery in about 30 minutes. There is a slight hill, but it’s worth it for the view halfway up.

You’d think I’d say otherwise considering I lived in Adelaide only 12 months ago, yet Kangaroo Island’s remoteness and quietness are its BIGGEST asset.

Being alone with your thoughts is good for the spirit. Finding strength in the wind, sun, ocean, earth and love of your surroundings is empowering. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but I have found myself in this environment as I have had time to focus on what I want to achieve without too much interruption. And I say that as the father of two young boys!

That’s enough reasons.

As said, this is just one small part of the video I am creating. The rest will wait until I don’t have kids around.  Soon both boys will be in educational locations during the day – thus giving me space, time and quietness. Aha, I so look forward to that.

Until then, here are some of my previous vlogs. Remember to hit that SUBSCRIBE button, then the NOTIFICATIONS bell, and maybe LIKE a few videos!

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