Ten Architecture Ideas

It’s been a very long evening (and now early morning) searching for ideas to utilise in our next home. More about the new house later; For now, enjoy these ten quirky houses or architectural concepts:

1. Terraced onto three levels, Atolan House is located on the eastern seaboard of Taiwan, overlooking the Pacific Ocean..

2. Via Sauvagia is a residential development project of contemporary mountain condominium chalets nestled along gentle slopes.

3. Modern architecture intersects with traditional building techniques; there is a concrete structure covered almost entirely in wood. The architects have achieved a wonderful combination and equilibrium between structure, function and design. Concrete takes the shape of the letter “s” to create a protective shell for the house. Wood is not there just for design but also to improve insulation and inside comfort as well, considering that concrete is not a very esthetic material..

4. Naturehumaine chose to eschew the right angles … instead … a sloping roofline on two edges of the home … peaking at one corner and sinking to a single story at each end. This allows two distinct levels of living space, while also keeping in mind that a minimal outward appearance fits best in a natural environment.

5. The infamous Sheats-Goldstein Residence … juts out in concrete triangles and clear glass rhombuses over a panoramic view … It features all the accoutrements of a lifelong bachelor pad: TV screens come out of ceilings, portholes in the pool look into his bedroom, parts of the roof retract to reveal a private jungle planted around the manse.

6. Located south of San Francisco, The Atherton house sits on an internal suburban flag lot … The design solution breaks the program into four buildings – main house, study, pool house and garage … Large sliding glass doors open out to the pond and terrace.

7. Located above San Francisco, The Cloverdale sits on a steep south slope overlooking the valley below. Stands of mature oaks and rock outcroppings frame the existing pool and house site … a 2150 square foot house that opens out to the land and take advantage of the expansive views and south facing exposure … the porch in the body of the house allows it to double as an entry to the guest bedrooms, reducing the need for circulation and the overall footprint of the house … All of the interior and exterior wood paneling, trim and decking was milled down from the logs of the original kit house on the property.

8. Jack’s House has lines, angles and interior fittings that look like they came straight out of our copious graph-paper designs. Seeing our thoughts appear in photographs is a sigh of relief that anything is actually possible.

9. The Box House is a basic cabin in the Australian bush, south of Sydney. The small cabin resembles a timber barn built with a modernist cube shape …

10. House Zilvar is a small wooden house with an unusual shape. The home’s distinctive appearance is the result of what is essentially a shed roof that twists and folds along the length of the house, changing the direction of slope from one end to the other.

More about our new home? Soon, I promise.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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