This Verge article regarding the deliberate  demise of Flash makes me laugh. Let me tell you why.

About 10 years ago my team manager discussed with me my internet usage at work (Yes, whilst employed with state government). I made it very clear that my internet usage was NOTHING compared to the usage of colleagues around me whom I had been trying to convince that playing Flash games on the internet was a huge expense. They could not comprehend the words ‘5 megapixels per second download’. So I had quietly slipped back into reading tech sites which, at that time, were predominately text based with very little advertising. Ah, they were the days!

My manager had been told by IT that I was visiting a lot of sites per day. When I asked how many megabytes that totalled, their response was that did not matter, the site hit count was the problem.

To which I laughed and said they should recheck for what their internet provider was charging them – it would not be site hits!
I was never bothered again.

To those of you in government, you will notice you now get periodical emails explaining how to reduce your internet footprint and the policy on internet usage. Yeah.

Flash-game players in the office declined for a while. Until someone remembered what I had said right at the beginning:

‘Download the game. Play it locally, not online. Disconnect from the net when playing. Make sure scores are saved on your PC, don’t compete with online players. Reduce your online connectivity and you will cost the TAXPAYER next to nothing.’

As time and worplace policies changed, the habit of playing Flash games at lunch breaks died away about 5 years ago.
Which Flash games did you play?

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