Page Speed Improved thru Code Accessibility

I am merely the messenger. Here are five of many pages by Patrick Sexton regarding page speed improvement. Each page link includes a few words of reverence.

Signed Distance

1. Prioritize Visible Content

I must point out now: This site is the schizzle. And the sizzle. Ultimately, is the the ultimate. Simply put, it makes everything simple. And every, I mean EVERY, link in it are read, revered, referenced, reread, applied and are awesome.

2. Reduce the size of the above-the-fold content . </headsmack> This helps make sense of it all.

3. Displays how CSS is used on a webpage. , which relates to Page speed . Scare yourself – or your webmaster.

4. This one is a far better way of linking to external scripts. Most of us have been leaving them in the <html></html>, but as the last text in our </body>. His improved method has your page deferring the loading of Javascript . Nice, nice indeed.

5. Therefore, in (opening and) closing : There is tonnes more information on his google page to read. Go now, be in his presence, for he is one of the many keys of awesomeness online.

Restoration of Rotunda on River Torrens

PS. I use this textile live web editor for pre-writing and linking articles in my blog posts.
I link to sites in my articles because I like them and gain no financial profit from doing so.

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