Expression of Interest

Harmony SculptureSometimes the most intelligent and interesting remarks come from the mouth of someone you’d least expect.

Fellow on the train this morning was ranting extracts from the bible this morning. As his pallet was short a few bricks, myself and the other temporary captives of this city bound capsule chose to bite lip and ignore. It wasn’t a fight worth having.

Anyhow, turns out he is more intelligent than first realised.

Suddenly his rants changed to “Angry face, useless face; sad face, useless face; proud face, useless face; laughing at my face, useless face; people staring at me, useless face …” for about 5 rounds of the same. I had to listen carefully to catch the words. Not sure I heard it right though.

He has a point.

Stop staring, stop judging others on their appearance only, stop wasting emotions on things that cannot be changed.

Get on with life.

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