Movie Review: World War Z

Watched ‘World War Z‘ this evening.
Previously I have said “What is the freaking point of movies about Zombies?? It looks awful!

I’ve changed my mind. In fact, I’d say my mind has been blown. If you haven’t seen this movie, my review won’t spoil it; What I say here is more a semi-cryptic review combined with my own thoughts:

  • The walking dead are those people attempting to live in the here and now, yet not seeing the reality of their situation and lives.
  • The zombies are those people who have enabled their illness to define their existence in the cosmos, then let that illness make them bitter and angry about the rest of us – so they attempt to drag us into the same abyss.
  • The self-replicating disease is what could happen if humans continue to fail to understand their place in nature’s chain on this small planet.

So now I believe that we go see this eye-opening movie. There are many gory and chair-jump-popcorn-flying moments, yet it is worth it for the end result. Let us hope we never have to kill the mother of all parasites on this planet to protect the few that survive.

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Just as soon as my heart-beat returns to normal, I am going to try to sleep.
Because after all is said and done, WWZ is one very scary movie.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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