Reminiscing (1996)

I almost remember it like it was yesterday, yet suddenly feel so old. The wife and I had been dating about 6 months. We had spent one evening looking after the young three daughters of my wife’s Aunt, plus about nine of their friends, taking them all for dinner to local McDonalds. It was the last time I ever ate at McDonalds!!

Skywalking Permitted Here As a reward for our endurance and suffering (and I am not talking about the food!), we were given tickets to the Michael Jackson concert in Adelaide .

Despite being right at the back of a very full Adelaide Oval with 30,000 other people, we actually enjoyed the whole performance, what little we were able to see. The only way we could see Michael Jackson was by standing on our plastic chairs and watching him on the biggest freaking TV screens. Well, they were darn big at that time.

I like Michael Jackson’s music, but I have to say the best thing about that night was being about to take 5 steps backwards to leave the oval at the end of the concert.

So tonight, whilst checking out more recent clips of Michael’s amazing music on YouTube, I had to try to find out if anyone had taken the opportunity to video any of the Adelaide concert … but the best I could find was Sydney. Not quite the same, yet pretty awesome in itself. Here a few clips worth viewing:

History Live In Australia (1996)

Rare footage from the HIStory tour. Two songs only: “I Want You Back” and “I’ll Be There“, Live In Australia 1996 Rare footage from HIStory tour.

Singing “Beat It” and “Black or White“, Sydney, 1996

And this last one was thirty years ago, 1983

That’s my evening in a nutshell – watching Michael Jackson concerts on YouTube, wearing headphones . Now that I am the father of a lovely one-year-old boy, my spare time is spent remembering what it was like before he took over my house. Sigh. Those years will never return. Well, that’s OK, being a Dad is fun and I expect that it will continue that way. Hope you had an awesome Saturday night, this was mine!

PS. The Adelaide Oval is about to undergo a massive transformation .

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