Night Photography

I don’t get many chances to shoot night photography. So when I do, I have fun. It’s always about seeing how I can shoot architecture and people in either an abstract or enlightened way.

Check out all my night photo’s shot over the last six years, all displayed upon my Flickr Gallery.

. Heritage Windows, Adelaide City

Blackwood Railway Station - North View

Sunset on SeaLink SeaLink Sunset

Macro Macho Starfish Hill 03

Easy Target

Untitled Entry Fee

Traffic in Rain Third Floor, Second on Right

Peak Hour Traffic in the Adelaide CBD

Alight @ Night State Admin Centre, Adelaide CBD

Earl of Aberdeen

Adelaide Hilton By Night

GPO, Adelaide City

This last one is not-so-much night, just a very early morning in a well-lit park in the middle of the Adelaide CBD.

Cyclists in Victoria Square, Adelaide City

Bet you enjoyed my sufficient collection. I plan to partake in my many more photo-walks, either alone or with my Facebook group, throughout 2013. See you all there!

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