Capturing Architectural History through Photography

Much earlier this evening, as I was traversing the Adelaide CBD seeking a bus to escape the ropes of employment, I spotted the remains of a non-heritage building.

The demolition crew were surveying the fine mess they had made, the dust settling around them … so I took the moment to sneak a few photos of the pile through an open gate down the alley. Here is the best I could shoot with my Samsung Galaxy Note II:

Last Remains

I am so glad I like local architecture. Because it means I keep capturing moments in time that will never be seen again. Adelaide developers are knocking down many old buildings at the moment in order to put up new offices and apartments. It’s not all bad, some buildings are on their last legs. Thankfully most heritage buildings will never be permitted to be knocked down by anyone other than Mother Nature herself!.

Here are the many moments of time I have captured outside of the building that stood where now there is an empty chasm:

Just another tricycle on the Wall Bright Wall Art

paint cover ride the wall

Odd Door Ornament no parking

I really wish I had taken the time to shoot more images here. There’s not enough in my flickr gallery! Maybe other Adelaide photographers know the spot and also had opportunity to capture little moments of history. Feel free to post links to your photos in the comments!

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