10 Most Used Words in our Home in 2012

Now that my wife and I have smartphone‘s, the vocabulary in our household has actually expanded and increased! We now say ‘connectivity‘ and ‘functionality‘ at least twice a day.

Which got me thinking: How many new words were added to our general conversation throughout 2012?

Here goes,  remembering that I had to compile this list whilst minding the latest addition to our home, my son. Plus they are in no particular order.

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(1) Diaper / Nappy … I’d have to say this the most used word, and will undoubtedly stay in first place for the next few years.  Both versions added,  because I say diaper and his mummy doesn’t.

(2) Bath time … Yes, two words,  yet rarely is one said without the other.

(3) Google … There is no doubt this is the most used word in relation to conversations about stuff neither of us are absolutely sure.  Invariably it is followed by ‘it!’

(4) This is getting more difficult! I figured there’d be more. So I will use this opportunity to see if anyone really reads these lists!

(5) Washing … This word covers a multitude of tasks in our home. Between both floors and little jaws covered in vegetable flavored mini-meals, or clothes of varying sizes and styles covered in the same gunk,  many things and little people are was washed a dozen times a week.

(6) Baby … This whole list clearly revolves around the number one addition to our home in 2012.

(7) Jai … Also known as Mister-J, J-Meister, little-j, j j, plus many other cute combinations.  This word proves that this list is not in any particular order.

HIGH GLOSSary Can I think of 3 more words?  Or should I put in another non word here?

(8) Mama … The kid was supposed to say ‘Da  Da‘ first, but he must have missed that memo.  I sometimes wonder if he really knows what he is saying.  Doesn’t matter,  his mother believes it,  so one of them is being trained…

Now that we hace new smartphone’s to contact the world easier, faster and and more efficiently, plus the internet at our fingertips  – here’s two more words that have become an integral part of our lives:

(9) Samsung … Yeah,  we have avoided the cliché of being an Apple-convert.  The wife is a PC-compatible technical expert,  so she made the decision that no Apples were to enter our home. After going through many different decisions on which phone suited our needs and wants, the Samsung Galaxy note with its stylus suited me completely.

(10) ezcreate (.com.au) will aways be on my top 10 word list.


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