Toys my Son Wants for Christmas!

All I want for Christmas for my six-month-old son are the following items:

Traffic Play Rug

This would be perfect for every other small toy in my son’s small yet amazing collection. His few small cars and the pack of 20 green soldiers would be right at home parked around it.

This rug with roads and city-planning would give me reason to buy my little boy trucks, tractors, more cars, particularly Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s, to have driving around this magnificent landscape.

Mini Mini

Dual Super Slide ™

This would be the coolest toy that any child should/could want! The only downside is that we don’t have the space to put this in our backyard, so it would have to go in the front yard. It might make us a fortune out of the neighbours children.

Trampoline Tent

How awesome is this? If we’d had one of these when I was a kid, I’m sure I’d have tried to sleep on it every night. With four windows, two doors and a bouncy floor, this one toy would have got more kids convinced to be an Astronaut when they grew up!

Kombi Tent

When I was a boy Kombi Van’s were the most righteous car on the market. A van was the best way to do a photo trip around Australia or simply to drive in the city, running on the smell of an oily rag (read: with very little petrol in the tank). So to have it as a tent to plant in the backyard would be totally cool.

Red Cars Go Faster

Zoo Keeper rack

My boy already has filled the top bunk of his bed with stuffed toys – pandas, horses, kangaroos, rabbits, bears, dogs, crocodiles, cows, and many more zoo and farm animals.

So to have a rack that looks like an animal-crate up-ended is perfect. It would mean he could still see them all, pull them out, then chuck them all back in at the end of the day! Perfect, my house will remain tidy… who I am kidding?

Building Blocks

Just like me, little Jai loves grabbing things, stacking them, then knocking them down. So he might as well build famous architecture in the process. These building blocks are the answer.

Maybe I can find them in other constructions … the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids, the Sydney Opera house? Dad, would you build these for your grand-son? ;)

That’s all I could find tonight. Here’s hoping someone in our family will see, read and buy these toys. Hint hint! I am so glad we had a little boy. I won’t deny that he enabling to relive my childhood, but through his eyes.

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