Past, Present and Future

It is getting closer to the birth of my first child – between 5 and 25 days remaining! Every day I wonder what gender the child will be, what name we will give it … but most of all I imagine myself sitting here on the lounge with a baby falling asleep on my chest whilst I write articles about the joy of fatherhood. Good times are ahead.

But in the abscence of anything interesting to write about, I am showing you what I have written over the last few years. I often like to read through my archives, so today I am simply linking to the articles written each year on this date (or thereabouts).

#43 I'm Crazier than Almost Everybody Here


Serious Stone Sculptures of Adelaide
Photographs of hidden yet in-plain-view architectural sandstone sculpture in the streets of Adelaide City.


Improving Our Photography Online
When everything is getting me down, I take to reading about photography techniques. It’s one of the four most important activities in my life, so I might as well keep learning.


Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire
I had deliberately not read any other reviews on it, I wanted to make sure I didn’t know where the next corner would take me. Because I had no preconceptions about its story, I had no idea where it would begin nor end.


Canon 50D for Ransom, Your Support Needed
Please help: A Canon 50D body is being held hostage in a layby bin somewhere in Adelaide.


Rotunda on Elder Park
On an irregular basis I take long photo-walks alone in the Adelaide CBD. These often involve a walk around Elder Park and onto the Rotunda. Here are two of the photographs I shot in mid 2010.

Electric Karts

And that’s it for today. I won’t do this every day, that would be annoying. Just wait for next month when I post mushy articles about the love of my child. That will be fun!

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