Exceeding the Possibilities

This mornings train ride was most interesting and enlightening. Particularly as I was reading Jack Welch‘s book on leadership.
City in the City
But moreso because of the phone conversation I heard behind me. Despite only hearing only one side of it, much of the details were a bad inditement of the attitude of this person an probably many more in his game.

His words:

“I don’t have to work so hard. They want me to get at least 3 sales each day. Easy. That’s 1 between 10-12pm, 1 between 12-2pm and 1 more between 2-4pm. I can do that, yeah too easy.”

Now I am most impressed that this character finds it all too easy. But I don’t applaud how stagnant he is making his job.

Wouldn’t you want to exceed your expectations? Maybe you’d even like to outdo what the boss expects of you?

The worst you can do is meet your primary goals. But maybe your ability to exceed will win you some power in the hierarchy of the business.

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