Black Cat Looking for New Home

We have come to this decision, and it wasn’t easy:
We are giving-away Mischief (aka “Mr Handsome” or “Panther Boy”) to a cat-loving household who can afford the time and space to enjoy his amiable disposition.

Would you like to have a beautiful black cat live with you?

With our first-born due for arrival in late May, our cats will no longer be the centre of attention. So we’ve decided Mischief is the one to get the attention he needs.

He is approximately 14-years-old, is microchipped and desexed (with papers), likes kangaroo meat for dinner, loves a nice blanket to sleep upon, and is an indoor cat as our council objects to cats roaming the bushland and neighbourhood.

Should you be interested in taking on this beautiful big black cat into your home, message me via Twitter or Facebook to discuss further.

Check out the few photographs I have shot of him over the last few years:

Note: If Mischief doesn’t get a new home before the end of April 2012, we may choose to have him euthanised. I would rather not do that. As said, my wife is going to have a baby and I don’t want her going through any undue stress.

Offer only available to residents living in Adelaide (South Australia), and have a quiet home where Mischief can relax all day.

One thought on “Black Cat Looking for New Home

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  1. Aww.. Dear Mischief, I would love to have you, but our 21-year-old Burmese is so demanding with her health that we couldn’t take on another older feline as well. I’m sure you are a delightful fellow & hope someone will offer you a good retirement spot.


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