Geek Stuff I Wish I Got for Xmas 2011

Here are the geek stuff I would have liked to have gotten for Christmas:

If I ever get the Apple iPhone, here is the cover I’d like … to make it look like a camera!

Wood Camera iPhone Case
Wood Camera iPhone Case

Because I love cameras, the photojojo store has every camera gadget I’d like:

Candid Photography Spy Lens
Candid Photography Spy Lens

White Balance Lens Cap
White Balance Lens Cap

Popup Flash Bounce
Popup Flash Bounce

That’s it, just a quick article about stuff I would have liked for Christmas 2011, but will have to buy myself early in 2012.

I get nothing out of endorsing this online geek business … only that I ordered some stuff a few weeks ago and they’ve managed to send them to me despite the xmas holidays!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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