Email Marketing has Gone to the Dogs

Based on the contents of an email I receieved a few days ago, I begin this rant about inadequate email-marketing, plus the emotions connected with online marketing.

For a long time everyone relied on free photocopy usage and the local retail windows to push their product onto the general public. As customers declined and costs increased, salesman sought simpler services through which to flog their crappy products.

Design is Avoiding Tunnel Vision

Somewhere along the way the Internet was born. I’m sure it took only a few milliseconds for advertising agencies the world over to realize that this new medium was going to become their bread and butter.

Eventually it was the ad-giants who would make the most from the Internet. Not just bread and butter, they also sliced the bread (determining where ads would attract the most coverage on every page) and slathered them win sticky jam (flash, animaitons, etc).

For those who have succumbed to banners that sit ABOVE every page, cringe with me. Or not.

Which brings me to my next point.

When a corporate site has to place horizontal banners above their head navigation, it appears to me that they haven’t been aiming their sight too high for financial backing. When they have to rely on minimal cheques from google via adsense and adwords, they must be drying up in the finance and sales department.

That’s where my rant ends. For now.

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