Hand Rearing a Magpie

This baby magpie was found at the foot of a tree on family property in the Adelaide Hills. It’s presumed it fell out of the family nest.

It will be hand-reared until it can fly back to its family. Whilst some might think the natural cycle of animals would have culled this fallen magpie, the mother of the three daughters who live on the property was compelled to pick it up and take it home.

The magpie now rules the roost! Check out the handful of photographs I shot earlier today:

Screw in Beak Talons on a Mapgie

Chew Toy Talon on a Mapgie

Magpie in Hand Wingspan of a Magpie

Beak of a Magpie

I hope to take more photos over the next few months!

To all those spam-bots who followed my last post, well, there’s not much I can say. The article was about graphics, particularly credit cards for shopping web sites, not your products.
To my friends who were dismayed by the article: Take another read. Not everything should be taken so seriously. Please.

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