Making Every Opportunity Matter

It’s great to know that a quote given by one of the original Tuskegee pilots said during the discussion-days with the actors went on to become the most important quote to come out of this film: Red Tails

Nothing is difficult, everything is a challenge.

When you think about it, that is the best way to look at life, work, and everything you do.

Rather than regarding your problems as too difficult to do, it’s better to ask yourself…

What can I do to achieve this goal? How am I going to challenge myself to make it happen? How far will I need to push myself to make this a success?

Remembering history is important. Seeing mistakes as opportunities to improve is tantamount to ensuring the future not only breeds success, this view helps individuals to become better people and to give their best effort. This movie is proof of that fact. When men and women are allowed to give their best, they are more inclined to give more, improve upon themselves and retain a level of dignity that surpasses any financial gain for doing a job.

I really hope the military men of America go see ‘Red Tails’ . It worries that there might still be so-called white-racists who unfortunately hold positions of power in parliament, government, military and heirachy of many countries. When a world spends any time focusing on the colour of a person’s skin and judges them less because of it, they not only insult those people, they insult the intelligence of a country.

I plan to go gold-class at the cinema to see this movie, and then I want to buy the DVD-collection! It will surely include the ‘making of’, the bloopers, about the aeroplanes and jets that they were given to help support the bombers, plus the interviews with the original Tuskegee pilots.

Go on, watch another trailer for this movie! It’s worth it.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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