Surviving Big Mistakes

Never fear making mistakes. Many different aspects of life can be learned from making mistakes:

1. Communication. Being able to tell others you have made a mistake is important. Listening and responding to others informing you of your mistake makes you a better person, and hopefully changes people’s perceptions.

Water Connection to Road 2 2. Initiative. Fixing mistakes is the key to never fearing them. When you realise that most mistakes are either [1] an opportunity to try again, or [2] life’s way of telling you that no system is perfect, you stop fearing your own judgement.

3. Accountability. Taking responsibility for your actions is paramount. Nobody likes a person who blames others for their mistakes. Nobody will care who made their mistake if it is fixed, and not just fixed but improved upon to prevent it from happening again. Mistakes help streamline processes.

4. Management. Good management is one that treats mistakes as part of the process. Without mistakes we have nothing to judge ourselves upon. A mistake is only a mistake if nobody has taught others how and why it happened and how to remedy or amend it so it is (hopefully) not made again in the future.

Written in a lunch-break after thinking about how everything I have done in life has made a difference to how I process my thoughts, achieve my daily requirements and survive the working week.

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