Save Space on your Computer

Yeah, tonight I am covering the all-important subject that probably effects most of us computer geeks: Finding or saving space on our computers.

As often as possible I ‘‘defrag” my laptop. But I often find there is insufficient space available for anything to be moved around during the defrag, so the computer fails to anything after the analysis of the drive. To combat this, I either delete stuff I have accumulated (ie, PDF downloads, screen dumps of site ideas, CSS scraped from interesting sites.), or not do it all.

Recent days have had my computer crashing or failing – and I know that a good defrag will solve some of these issues. Yes, I need a new computer with more space, but that will have to wait a little longer.

Oh No, My Computer Crashed

So tonight whilst traveling home on the train (wearing my new earphones), I suddenly realised how else to save some space on my laptop — without actually losing anything. It actually surprises me that I never thought of this before now!

The answer to saving space on my computer is surprisingly simple:

  1. Sync as much music as possible to my Apple  Touch.
  2. Backup ALL music on computer to external HD.
  3. Delete from computer.

Perfect way to save 15GB of space! Yes, this means I can only play music on PC/Laptop with AppleTouch connected, yet it occurred to me that this is the perfect scenario.

I hope this idea is useful to other people. That, or it makes you laugh that I hadn’t done it already. Either way, I am up 15GB – and I can finally defrag my laptop!

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