I started writing this earlier this morning, but each hour throughout the day whilst doing other things I added a few extra words, revised the structure, deleted a bit here, tweaked the sentence structure slightly … until it arrived at this point. Where I decided that any more would take it backwards five steps. The title was decided upon after connecting with someone upon Google+ about an hour ago.


Stop. Just stop. Stop now.

Take a moment to just remember.
Stop talking, turn off your phone, stop the car, close your eyes, calm down, chill out.
Don’t let anger get the better of your mind.
Don’t let the terrorists win, don’t let war win, don’t let anger win. Let go.
Remember that we are here today, and tomorrow, and for as long as retaliation isn’t allowed to win.
Breathe, in and out.
If you believe in an eye for an eye, then you are no better than those that threw the first punch.
Stop hitting back.
When your focus is placed solely on all that you dislike, you forget all that is good in the world.
Stop hating.

Stop. Just stop.

Then begin. Start over.

Take the rest of your life to listen, to learn, to become more than you’ve ever been before.
Find happiness in the world.
Enjoy the food, the wine, the family, the good times. Have fun.
Take time to plant life, in the garden, in the world, in your heart, in your mind.
Become someone.
If you look deep into yourself, you will find someone worth the effort and the time.
Start today.
When your focus is pushed into all that you love, you discover all that is good in the world.

Start now. Start over.
Just remember to write it all down.

For those that cannot read between the lines, I write to express myself. This is for those that died ten years ago in the World Trade Centre.

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